The Trailer Room

Airstream outdoor living
Airstream outdoor living (Photo credit: Steve Corey)

While I’m still learning how to manage my BLOG I have decided to create a page just for Trailers. I believe that trailers are an art form of their own and as a film buff I find them to be entertaining and amusing. I really don’t mind sitting through fifteen minutes of  trailers before the feature film begins. So to start things off in my Trailer room here are a few of my favorite Trailers.

Apparently some of the Trailers that  I had posted were put on youtube without permission. They were taken down because of copyright infringement. I sincerely apologize for any wrongdoing on my part, but people should not post anything on youtube that they don’t have permission for because people will always download thing that they like. If I can find the trailers from an official source I will do so, If not, I will not post them.

CAVE WOMEN ON MARS 1950’s parody

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