Steampunk Writer Computer Station
Steampunk Writer Computer Station (Photo credit: hyperion327)

The last time I updated this page was in 2015. In decenter of that year i purchased an XBOX ONE. After all that griping about consoles I had to relent. I am a gamer at heart, despite my advanced age of 68 years and being retired lets me play all night long any day of the week if I want to. The first game that I bought was Fallout 4, followed by MAD MAX and Far Cry Primal;fortunately I don’t need Steam to play any of them. Since then they have introduced the XBOX ONE S and now the XBOX ONE X. Let me tell you, I am tempted, but holding out for a new gaming PC. My new laptop, well 2016 Dell has no gaming capability. I am hoping FallOUT 5 will be available for xbox one, but I seriously doubt it, because that’ s how console games roll gyp and squeeze the consumers who make them wealthy.

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