Marvel burn out?

This year promised to be a monumental blockbuster year for comic book and graphic novel fans.  For myself this year still has to prove itself in the realm of comic based action movies. I am rather burned out on Marvel movies. I hated the fluster cluck that was all of the Ironman movies, except the first one and who needs another incarnation of the same old Spiderman franchise, I didn’t even bother to watch them not even on cable. I did like Paul Rudd as AntMan a movie that I dreaded, because I absolutely hated the character as a teen, but watched anyway; It’s hard to believe that I was ever a teen, but in 1962 when Antman was introduced, I was in junior high school. Me and my friends all agreed that it was a lame concept for a superhero to grow small enough to step on. Who was the guy that pitched this as a movie, since Antman is probably the Aqua-man of the Marvel universe. Fortunately the ageless Mr. Rudd was engaging enough to pull it off.

This year started off with Dead pool a character that I was not familiar with because the last graphic novel that I read was The Watchmen. Dead pool was okay but forgettable. The rest of the year touted some serious stuff; Batman versus Superman,(DC. universe )and Captain America Civil War Marvel universe. Neither of these movies moved me. They were an inconceivable match up, created to invigorate the genre, but for me all they did was to bore me to tears and make me wonder why they were actually fighting, instead of using their superior intellect to resolve their problems peacefully. Of course that would make for some even more boring screen time. No one likes talkies that do nothing but talk. The best thing about Batman Versus Superman was wonder woman. Enough said! So unless both the Marvel franchise and the DC. franchise comes up with something more watchable I won’t be wasting my matinee money on either of them.

There is hope in the DC. universe yet, with the suicide squad; from what I’ve seen of the trailers ,it looks pretty awesome; however all of the attention is on the deliciously wicked Harley Quinn (Played by Margot Robbie). Will Smith is also there,I hope his role is juicier than what the trailer indicates, otherwise he’s just an also ran. Coming out in 2017 is Wonder Woman and the Justice league. Let’s cross out fingers and hope for the best because fans hate to be disappointed.

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