Captain America civil war


As usual I didn’t see this movie on the opening weekend, I waited a week and went to the Tuesday matinee and got the Senior discount, yay senior discounts! I figured that I would be disappointed about this movie like I was disappointed about Batman versus Superman. Where’s the beef, What’s the beef, I thought, it was very confusing, but mostly pointless.

Captain America was a pleasant surprise and very thoughtful for comic book fare. They brought up real issues about government over reach and manipulation. Divide and conquer the same old games; the control of dangerous others that may or may not be a threat to national security in spite of the fact that they were fighting for the survival of humanity. The subject of free will was a major theme with Bucky Barnes aka. the Winter soldier. Does a man under the pernicious influence of a brutal brainwashing program bear any responsibility for the crimes he has committed?

The deep subject matter however, did not slow the pace of the movie, it had plenty of action packed fist fights and awesome special effects. It also had some amusing banter to counter the dark seriousness of the story, Ant man and spiderman were a comedy duel that rivaled Abbot and Costello, (look it up)!  It was the clash of the titans in spandex, but it was a fairly well thought out storyline. It was definitely worth the eight dollars that I paid to see it, and  if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it.

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