Goodbye purple Majesty



As a Minnesotan I am obligated to say something about the passing of one of our favorite sons, Prince. Born Prince Rogers Nelson June 7, 1958 he passed away April 21, 2016. He is mourned by everyone that knew and loved his music but for those of us who live in Minnesota the epicenter of purpleness the loss of this talented man is deep and profound.

His awards include, seven Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, he is also an inductee into the Rock & Roll hall of fame. The fact that he was not only a singer songwriter and musician, but played multiple instruments exceedingly well, was an indication of his genius. His flamboyant style and his androgynous good looks, redefined masculinity on his own terms. The Minneapolis sound was singlehandedly crafted and shaped by him and his influence on the other groups that followed in his path is evident.

The lilacs are in bloom in Minnesota and the sky has been crying for a week and a state mourns the passing of The Artist and the man known as Prince.

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