Just because I’m old



just because I’m old, don’t think that I’m still not young inside or that I don’t like a lot of the things that I liked as a young man. I still like traveling, listening to jazz and R&B, attractive women, movies and video games. Yes, I confess the sporty ol dude likes to play video games. Don’t be surprised I’ve been playing video since the days of pong and space Invaders. Now three and a half decades later and fifteen years two months into the new century I’m still at it. So this is how I’ve been spending my senior time since Christmas on a game called Fallout four which came with the Xbox one that I purchased as my Christmas gift, because no one else was going to do it for me. I have collected some screen shots the old fashioned way by actually photographing the screen with my  iPad. mostly because I don’t like the cloud and have disabled it on all my devices. Anyway here’s whats up in my Fallout 4 world.


If your a fan of Fallout 4 you’ll recognize the T-51 power armor in hot rod flames paint job. underneath is a T-60 done in the Atom Cats cuts paint job.


This one is a T-45 power armor in Hot Rod Shark paint job.As you can see I’ve been busy collecting power armor , with a little help from IGN and You Tube to find every full and  partial suit I can. I am a collector in real life and it carried over to my gaming life  I feel this is the most interesting part of the game, but it comes with a cost because theres raiders, monsters and gunners everywhere.


This girly looking armor was built for my female companion Cait who is the worst with power armor, She’s an Idiot who waste ammo and positively destroys power armor


This is a sampling of part of my collection at  the starlight drive in T-51 in Rail Road paint job a T-60 in Brotherhood of Steel paint and an X-01 in mixed flame atom cats and titanium scheme

So far I have accumulated  five T-45s Six T-51s  which incidentally were the hardest to find and since I destroyed the BOS more T-60s than I know what to do with.I’ve actually sold some of them. Anyway  there you have it I am a Senior citizen hooked on gaming. By the way I only bought the Xbox one because gaming on mac is super lame and always two years behind PC.

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