As our nations first “African-American” Attorney General, Eric Holder has proved to be a resounding failure.  He has proved himself to be just another worthless Wall street Democrat. This man has done a disservice to America, to the middle class and to his own people. I expected much better from him than what we got. This despicable excuse for a law enforcement officer, did absolutely nothing to reign in the unforgivable swindlers of the banking industry. Now Mister Holder is going back to his crooked rotten roots, taking a job back at his old firm

Of course you’d say that you’ll Wall street Troll. Now this jerk is back at his old law firm of Covington and Burling  a a firm that represents many of the people that he has failed to hod accountable for the swindling of American taxpayers out of billions. There should be a law against this but there isn’t, but if Eric Holder was a truly honorable man he would have declined to work for the people he has failed to prosecute. He has proved himself a true Wall Street Lackey.

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