This happened in my home town (see video below), the fascist racist attitude that pervades all of America’s police forces is disgusting and unconstitutional.This kind of thing has happened to me  as well, except I didn’t put up any resistance and I didn’t get tased. I was shopping in downtown Minneapolis and being fifty plus years at the time and suffering from A-fib and V-tac I sometimes had to sit and rest. I was right by the bus stop but there were no benches in the bus shelter, so I sat on the bench closest to it. A police officer stopped and told me that I couldn’t sit there. I explained the situation to him and he didn’t care; I had to get up and leave. He was unreasonable and rude in his demeanor and I was basically forced to walk to another busstop, even though I was only five feet away from the nearest one. I put up no resistance, other than asking why I couldn’t sit down on a public bench that was put there by the city. I was well dressed and carrying bags from Macy’s and Men’s warehouse, and for all he knew I might have been a tourist, but all he saw was the color of my skin. I am now sixty-six years old and fear for my life every time that I see a policeman. Is this right, is this how people are supposed to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is no longer America, it is AMERIKKKA! I am sickened and appalled that this kind of thing happens everyday. what has happened to the country that showed so much promise in the late 1960s and 70s? The police forces of America have become an occupying army, they should be ashamed but, unfortunately they have no shame and our government stands idly by and lets it happen. Challenge to Loretta Lynch do something, NOW!

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