Okay I’m really mad this time! I have been a user of last fm since 2009 and I scrobbled thousands of tunes mostly from my own collection. Every time that i purchased a new CD I would rush home from the record store and immediately start scrobbling  to last fm. I was proud to share my musical taste with the rest of the world. Sharing was the price that Americans paid for a free listening service, the rest of the world paid. It was a fair deal, with the added benefit of a cultural exchange in music. I discovered french gothic music from Artesia which gives me moody inspiration, Foxxi MisQ. my favorite J-Urban girl group, and Kumiko Koda aka Koda Kumi, Minmi and many more japanese artist mostly female.

. Koda+Kumi+n1075846588_158560_8576 Foxxi+misQ+ALIVE+PNG

But I also discovered many American artist including Eric Benet, Janelle Monet, Solange Knowles, Esperanza Spalding, etc.

I stimulated the industry by spending hundreds of dollars perhaps close to a thousand over the course of five years, voraciously  ordering CDs from amazon, and I tunes. and downloading individual cuts and videos. Then the greed started happening; you know when they start talking about a new business model. First it was with my mobile devices, They wanted to start charging me on my iPod touch and then on my iPad, so I quit using last fm on those devices. At least I could still get music on my iMac for free, It was a source of new music because radio has basically disappeared in our society, and the digital airwaves are completely dominated by Rap and Hip Hop most of which is petty self aggrandizement and buffoonish braggadocio by talentless hacks. Real politically aware rap died years ago. I want to hear people singing not shouting at me.

In the last year or so I have sought out other venues, mainly  Pandora and you tube for new music and talents, Like Pharrell Williams, Neyo, Bruno Mars and Will Downing who is old school like me but a lot cooler. So in effect the only thing that Last fm has accomplished is to piss me off in stages until I finally called it quits.

It all started very innocent enough with my Mobil devices, so I didn’t really blow my stack . First it was my iPod and then my iPad. I started to get suspicious while at the same time hunting around for alternatives. I thought that as long as I could still find music and listen to my accumulated library, that I had spent literally hundreds of dollars purchasing and hundreds of hours scrobbling it would still work for me. Unfortunately , like the girlfriend from hell it didn’t work out. Today was the final insult, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  I logged in to listen to some old favorites and watch some videos  only to find out that even though I had already logged on  I had to sign up with Spotify to access my own library. I had never even heard of Spotify until today and why should I have to sign up for another service when I am already a subscriber to this one. The fact that I could not log onto Last fm and listen to the library that I had so lovingly crafted created with purchases from Amazon and ITunes pushed me past the breaking point.

I had spent literally Hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours contributing to a site that put it’s listeners last. I can only assume the worst that they sold out to Spotify for money. This may not have affected their Japanese and European clients very much but it was a major betrayal to their American clients. Especially those like myself that happily uploaded every new CD and download so that people in other countries could sample American music. We need venues to explore new music for free because a 30 second blurb isn’t enough to actually  wet anyone’s interest.  So good by and good riddance Last fm and in your face Spotify I don’t need you, and just to prove it, here is a little something that I purchased today after checking it out on You Tube with out signing in.

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