Real or Conservative shills ?

I have stated before that I am of African American ethnicity, I am progressive, liberal and always vote democratic, and my articles are slanted toward that general direction. When it comes to judging other people of color, I am fairly harsh; because like my mother once told me, “everyone is an ambassador of his or her ethnic group, and your interactions with others, affects everyone in your respective group. In other words if you act like a jackass in front of people not like yourself,then your entire ethnic group is judged by your actions.

I don’t like judging women, because my daughter told me, that since I wasn’t born a female I can’t Make that call. This time I am going to go against this rule and make that call. According to the buzz on Democratic Underground Ms. Marissa Johnson and Ms. Mara Jacqueline Willaford are both former Sara Palin supporters, which makes them suspect and in my book nullifies any credibility whatsoever. They diluted the power and impact of the Black lives matter movement, by making a spectacle of themselves and calling Bernie a liberal elitist racist. The name calling and labeling was not deserved. Here’s Bernie on Reverend Al’s show I think Bernie already knows that Black lives matter.

The FOX Propaganda Machine was quick to jump on this story and point out that Bernie Sanders can not relate to African-Americans. This is not the case with informed voters and the ones that are uninformed usually don’t vote anyway.

Yes Black lives matter, but don’t exploit the movement for self aggrandizement. This is what I saw, two women acting out the worst stereotypical behavior imaginable, pushy, angry, unreasonable and disruptive, Sassy black woman’s greatest hits. I was mortified and immediately hypothesized on the negative impact of these two amateurish activist. All they accomplished, was to become news fodder for the FOX pundits who are going to wring every bit of mileage out of this debacle that they possibly can. You can not claim that black lives matter, if you are a troll for the conservatives,because the neo conservatives don’t believe that anyone’s life matters, except to generate profits for the one percent.

Bernie Sanders has championed civil rights, long before these two women were born. The 2016 election just might be the last chance for freedom and economic parity in this century. It will be the most important election of my life time and I am sixty-five years old. It’s time for all minorities, all college students and all senior citizens, women and the LGBTQ community, to pull together and get behind Bernie sanders and progressive candidates in 2016. Its time to take back our country, our government and our lives.

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