Mad Max: Fury Road, or Flurry Road

The frenetic pace of Mad Max fury Road was way too much for me. That’s why I think that this was the worst contribution to the franchise to date. There was no time for story or character development, just a continuous, repetitive flurry of action, from one scene to the next. The accelerated movement especially in the opening sequence. gave the movie a comic effect, that did not merge well with the post apocalyptic world. Bigger budgets and more stunts do not make a better movie by default.

It is a common mistake in hollywood these days to throw money at projects, without much thought about quality, especially with franchises that have a built in following like Mad Max.I have been a fan of George Miller’s original trilogy, and have watched and re-watched, Mad Max, Road Warrior and beyond Thunderdome many times. These movies capture the heart break and the despair of a ruined civilization all while examining Max’s soul and his will to live, on top of his daily struggle for survival. The fact that he just didn’t lay down and die, proves that he has a deep seeded reason to live. In his world, the will to live is his most important asset.

The fast pace of Fury Road has none of the humanity that it’s predecessors had. There is no time for any thought. We are rushed from one action sequence to the next; each one getting more over the top than the last one. The 3D effects brought nothing to the mix, it was just a distraction.This movie for me was a total bust. I was hoping for much more depth, and what I got was, The Mad Max version of MALL RATS. Sometimes an overabundance of money does absolutely nothing for creativity. Not even Charlize Theron could save this movie from itself, although her character was pretty kick ass.

Tom Hardy is slated for two more of these movies. I can only hope that the next two have more acting than action and special effects. I hate it when I walk out of a theater saying WTF.

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