Deflate-gate, Media fluff

The world is literally falling apart and the network media shills, are spending valuable air time on a stupid football scandal. The fact that this story is yesterday’s, back page of the sports section news, that has been pushed to the forefront on all of the major network news programs is ridiculous. The commercial networks and the cable networks as well, should drop this story as fast as they dropped the earthquake in Nepal story. Actually they should be hiding their faces in shame and doing some serious soul searching. When I watch the news these days, the whole Bread and circuses concept comes to mind. Anything to distract us from what is really important, is thrust at us by the corporate masters, who don’t want to disturb the status quo. There are plenty of alternative news sources out there and I find myself being drawn to them, because they are addressing and reporting on real topics that affect us all. Two of the most important subjects that are largely ignored by networks are, the erosion of our democracy and the rape of our country by the oil industry and corporations in general.

The pernicious and aggressive drilling that has taken place over decades has Wreaked havoc on our ecology and continues to do so. The unfettered and poorly regulated oil transport industry, has caused deaths, destroyed towns and is a constant danger to anyone who lives in an area where these rolling bombs have rail access. The proof can not be hidden, just go to you tube and type in oil train explosions, and sit back and watch in awe as the carnage unfolds. There are hundreds of examples of dangerous explosions in and around towns due to the lack of regulation.

Explosions aren’t the only negative effects of the oil industry, Fracking is another major pain in the backside of America. Here’s a little easy to understand illustration of the dangers of fracking. Also check out the movie GAS LAND.

NSA SPYING ON CITIZENS. What can I say about this subject. I really feel that some how we have been lulled into justifying a police state. I am a 65 year old Boomer, that has no illusions about the dangers of government overreaching. Having lived through Watergate the mother of all Gate scandals,the gulf of Tonkin affair that sent me to war and the suppression of freedoms created after 9/11 I realize that nothing is ever as it seems. The criminalization of whistleblowers and journalist is not only a disgrace, it is an indication of the Rot of democracy and freedom. People who work for the government have been sent to prison on trumped up charges simply because they have pointed out the unconstitutionality of policies that have been enacted since the so called PATRIOT ACT, which is about the most unpatriotic act ever imagined.

The CORPORATIZATION OF AMERICA, in our prison system, our educational system, the management of public lands, The confiscation of private lands, the outsourcing of jobs have all served to undermine a once vibrant economy and a strong middle-class. You won’t hear these stories of real substance, on FOX or CNN or any of the other corporate owned pawns, at least not in depth. To be fair MSNBC has paid attention to these stories, but they are the exception rather than the rule. But even MSNBC has devoted unwarranted air time to Deflate-gate. So wake up America and tune into some of the other sources of the news that cover the real stories that affect our lives our future and our children’s future. So enough with the Deflate-gate already.
I hope that I have at least convinced one person, to take a look at non corporate propaganda programming, and delve into the world of reality.

Below are some links to alternate news services. No they aren’t a terrorist sponsored organization.

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