photoI want to start off the new year on a positive note, so I’ll try my best, not to mention politics or bad stuff in recent events. Instead I would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous new year. Keep hanging in there because everyday is precious, even the bad days. The older I get, the more I realize this and it keeps me on track. So I present to you, some of my favorite moments and things from 2014, including Roxy the new puppy addition to the family

minimum wage hike in 20 states

Like most Boomers, that is post WWII baby boomers; I pretty much despise soccer, or FUTBOL as they say but here’s something for those of you football (aka. soccer) fanatics out there.I understand that they went crazy in Germany.

Now trailers from my favorite films of 2014

Now a short list of other things that brought me joy in 2014. BEST SONG Pharrell Williams HAPPY, BEST TV SERIES the Newsroom, BEST NOVEL The Girl who kicked the hornets nest by Steig Larsson,

BEST DISCOVERY OF 2014 Scottbradleelovesya

Well that pretty much wraps it up for the year 2014, I hope you enjoyed it, at least a little.

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