Well the Super Bowl has come and gone and I, like many others are wondering how did this happen? I mean, I wash,t exactly rooting for the Broncos , but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a lopsided game. I envisioned a much tougher game  like last years Ravens 49ers game which was a tussle to the very end, resulting in a 34 to 31 victory for the Baltimore Ravens. Needless to say that the game was a major disappointment for me. I’m glad I didn’t spend a whole lot of money on a Super Bowl Party; instead I spent a quiet Super bowl sunday with a bowl of home made tortilla chips and home made hummus. Maybe next year I’ll do home made pizza.

Now on to the commercials. Yesterday’s exhibition of over priced over produced commercials was another let down. Other than Cheerios and the Budweiser, There was nothing that stood out, I don’t even remember what other commercials were aired. In my opinion a lot of people should be losing their advertising accounts today. They would have been better served by dropping those millions of dollars out of the good year blimp, or perhaps donating to charity.

I was surprised about the amount of hate that was generated on twitter about the Coca Cola commercial. I didn’t pay that much attention to it, but according to the news, some people actually think that America the beautiful is the national anthem, and objected to it being sung in any other language but English.  Anyway Here’s a link judge for yourself.

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