I am sure that everybody has heard about or read about Barney’s shop and frisk policy. Shopping while black is not a crime. I am appalled but not surprised at the actions of NYC Police stopping and handcuffing people who have paid for items with their own money. They weren’t shoplifting or committing robbery at gun point they bought stuff. What right does anyone have to call the police based on a suspicion; because people of color are supposed to be poor, and if they have money they must have gotten it by theft of drug dealing. These attitudes are nothing new I’ve lived with them all of my life but it shouldn’t still be like that. However ignorance never changes nor do ignorant people and Barney’s has plenty of both.  The NYPD and Barney’s should have their pants sued off. This is a blatant violation of civil rights as well as a glaringly races insult, Yet our so called soul brother hip hop artist, producer, entrepreneur Jay-Z has chosen not to respond to this insult.

Instead he has chosen to ignore this assault on other minorities so he can make more millions. Join the republican party why don’t you and align yourself with all of the other self entitled heartless pricks. If you can’t stand up for the community that has enriched you, then you don’t deserve our patronage. You should be ashamed to show your face at another rally for the rights of African americans or any other minorities. Because your failure to put Barney’s on notice, by not participating in their racist policies you have become a hypocrite of the first magnitude. Refusal to stand up or speak out against racism only propagates the behavior. You are in effect saying it’s alright to  make unfounded accusations without proof of any sort, as long as you are accusing people of color. Just because you are a famous celebrity doesn’t  mean that this kind of humiliation can’t happen to you.  Somewhere out there is a racist that doesn’t know who you are or doesn’t care.  As long as racism is allowed to go unchallenged it will only grow stronger. I’m sure that you can get another deal to make millions without Barney’s 

Paraphrasing the Bible to justify your greed does not make it right. Their is no justification for Racism, it is inherently evil. If you can not understand this then I feel sorry for you because you have lost sight of what is right. You don’t deserve the respect or love of your fans, which are mostly people like yourself who work hard for their money and deserve better. Why should we spend our money on a lost cause.



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