I don’t know if anyone out there is familiar with Steam powered games but I am guessing that you are. They are the most frustrating and useless gaming site that I have ever had the misfortune to stumble upon. I don’t even want to play on line I love to play solo but I find that over the years some one has decided for me that in order to play games I must play them on line. Being a mac owner has put an additional burden on me because many of the game that I would like to play can only be purchased through mac games. Unfortunately the games that I would like to play like BIoshock Infinity and Borderlands 2 and some of the Sims Pirates and Nobles expansion packs need a steam account to work. This is not only unfair to me as a gamer but is equally bad for developers who want to sell their games. I will not buy anything that requires a steam account to play and I hope no one else will be subjected to the problems that I am presently experiencing. 

I have been bouncing back and forth for two hours trying to resolve a problem with my steam account which had been dormant until I bought the game R.U.S.E. earlier this year.  I truly hate steam because if had the annoying habit of shutting me out and causing me to reset my password time after time.  I may be old but I have used computers on the job and as recreation for two decades. I know how to type and I know how to use a password, even a complex one. I have literally a book full of password that I use regularly to buy everything from tea to hardware. Yet this crap always happens to me on steam; which is why I had stopped using it. However cabin fever got the best of me this winter and I succumbed to the urge to buy some new games. Purchasing a mac was a bad idea because as a gamer your choices are limited. the stuff you get is alway old b the time they decide to pass it down to mac and the variety sucks. My original Borderlands didn’t require steam but Borderlands to and all of the expansion packs do;  so I won’t be getting any of those although I would like to. Total war Empire  can no longer be found on my computer even though I paid sixty dollars for it , it was on steam and now it’s gone. It didn’t play very well when I could access it it crashed constantly or I couldn’t get a connection to the server. This was and still is a common occurrence with Steam. I had the same trouble with R.U.S.E constant freezes and crashes.

I have reset my password three times today and used steam flush which was supposed to reconfigure my account to be compatible once more. When I upgraded my mac to OSX Maverick bad things started happening with my steam account The two games that should have been on my page were gone and now I can’t even get into my account to retrieve them. Actually I had a third game on my account but when I change from PC to MAC  whoa is me I lost that one two and never got it back. I don,t even remember what that game was because that was over three years ago. I’ve had my cad for two.  Fool me once Shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me thrice boy do I feel stupid. I mistakenly presumed that as time went by steam would get better, but they didn’t, they are still the same old worse than useless company that they were in 2010. In and age were technology and internet service is rapidly improving they should be ashamed of themselves. Vote with your dollars folks don’t pay for sub sub standard service. STEAM has always been Crap and will probably remain Crap for the foreseeable future. IF YOUR SMART YOU WILL STAY AWAY FROM STEAM and any product that is associated with a steam account.


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