I am an admitted fanboy of Rachel Maddow, if you watch MSNBC then you are already familiar with her, if you don’t then check her out, if you are interested in truth and not fiction. She backs up her stories with real evidence and not doctored or contrived nonsense. When Rachel speaks I listen. She is intelligent, concerned and real. Last night she had a rant about POLITIFACTS that disturbed me, because I had been a regular user of that fact checking website for at least two years. I had taken their word as the gospel especially since the Fox news pundits were opposed to it as a source.  Well to my chagrin Fox was at least partly right.

Ms. Maddow went down the line and meticulously pointed out a half dozen incidents where Politifacts rated something that was true as only half true, without an explanation as to why it was rated that way. Was it because they have a hidden agenda, or was it because they are trying to placate the knuckle heads at FOX? I don’t know but most of the Items were about Democrats or the President. Now that all of their discrepancies have been pointed out to me, I can no longer regard them as a viable source of information. The truth is the truth and a lie is a lie, maybe the people at POLITIFACTS  should be more specific.  If something falls in the middle then dissect it. To call the truth a half truth is as damaging as calling a lie the truth.  I personally will no longer be using them as a fact checking source so I am taking their link off of my blog.

I get my news fix from various sources including BBC America, CNN, AJAM, LINK TV, PBS, Free Speech TV as well as internet sources. And I occasionally watch FOX when I can stomach them. I am a skeptic at heart, which is why I watch different sources for news. We need fact checkers to weed out all of the misinformation that is out there, but we need reliable and honest fact checkers. In this information age we have as much misinformation and disinformation as truth; I am afraid that the truth will get lost in the shuffle
The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC

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