Aw come on Hollywood, gimme a freaking break! You have one of the greatest stories of all time and you decided to make it a fairy tale starring Keanu reeves. Major WTF MOMENT here folks. Not that I have anything against Keanu I’ve enjoyed a lot of his movies, even before the Matrix. However casting him in the 47 Ronin is an insult to Japanese culture. What’s even sillier than that, is the fact that they are touting it as based on historical events. How far does something have to be removed from the actual facts before there is no connection whatsoever. Just because the story happens to have the same name, and just because it happens to have Samurais in it, doesn’t mean that it is even remotely related to historical facts. Wiki has a very good page about the historical event.

If Hollywood wants to make movies that are about some one else’s culture, they should remain true to the subject matter and true to the ethnicity of the Characters.  Aren’t we way beyond white washing and yellow face in the 21st century; apparently not. My ire at the ridiculous casting of M. night Shamalan’s The Last Air Bender has still not subsided. Although the Last Air Bender was not a product of Asia, the animated series was obviously meant to portray the characters as Asians, or At least Parallel Universe Asians. To white wash the cast was not only an insult to Asians but to all fans. I can’t say that it was a marketing mistake because they did make their money back plus a good profit. I for one boycotted the film and still have not seen it, and I probably won’t go see the sequel either, but that’s just me.

Hollywood is in danger of regressing and becoming less diverse and that’s just wrong. We are into the era of the global village and I for one wouldn’t object to seeing people of other ethnicities on the big screen. Americans have been watching Asian actors for decades. Names like Run Run Shaw and John Woo are not unfamiliar with American fans of martial arts and action movies. Jackie Chan, Chow yun-fat and Jet Li Have been Consistent money makers for Hollywood whenever they are given decent roles. Lets face it Hollywood has made enough big budget stinkers to fund a small country or even a medium sized country. So why not spend some money on non white actors. There is a whole world of other types of people out there, take advantage of some of that talent.

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