What the Heck happened to cable.

I don’t know when it started, but the crazies have steadily been creeping up on all of my favorite cable channels. Tin foil hats programming  started with one of my all time favorites the History Channel. You can call me naive, but I assume that the fact that it’s called the history channel, is because it has history related programs on it. Originally that was the case, not true today.

Instead of informative and entertaining documentaries and series like Rome and the Civil war, we see inane and ridiculous garbage like Nostradamus, Roswell and decoding the past, a doomsday panic fest, as well as a litany of conspiracy themed shows that are purely conjecture not history. Throw in a bunch of non history themed shows like Ax men and Ice road truckers and you have a Channel that is a complete failure with no informative value at all.

I quit watching the History channel in 2011 and switched to History International and muddled through the voice overs and the subtitles. But soon the crazy began to creep into that channel too.  Soon I was subjected to  the English Roswell the Italian Roswell  the Russian Roswell etc. etc. etc. You get the point! I shifted my allegiance to the Military History Channel and thought that I had found a refuge from the tinfoil hat programming; and for two years I was okay. But once again I have noticed a steady creep of very non historical and non military programming infringing on my last outpost of sanity, much like the Zombie apocalypse. Soon I will have to abandon the Military History channel like the other two incarnations of  the History Channel, unless they change their misguided ways.

But the History Channel isn’t the only culprit so I am guessing that every channel on cable takes their cues from the same source.  Bravo a channel that was once a haven for foreign films  is now a gaggle of reality shows like the real housewives of Miami, The real Housewives of New Jersey and I Dream of Ne Ne. Garbage upon garbage and more garbage. If you are to believe the info box when looking at the programming Bravo offers critically acclaimed American and foreign films, performing arts and original specials and series. I can’t even remember the last time that I actually watched a foreign flick on Bravo, I don’t think they exist on that Channel. Once upon a time Bravo was one of my favorite channels, but that ship has sailed. Now they are dead to me Way to go Bravo.

Velocity Channel originally on HD Discovery was my late night insomniac fix. I spent hours on the sofa wrapped up in my comforter watching Mecum auto auctions, Chasing Classic Cars Desert Car Kings and Graveyard Carz. Lo and behold , just like the Blob the stupidity relentlessly creeps on.  I turned the velocity channel on one night to discover instead of  chasing classic cars, I was watching UFO’s Over Earth,(WTF moment). Fortunately for me they redeemed themselves with a new season of Mecum and Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans. However I am worried about recent acquisitions such as Verminators and Weird or What? If they follow the trend of saturating the channel with dumbed down programming they stand to lose their faithful viewers and that loss will be permanent and irreversible.

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