The Wolverine

I love a good diversion and the Wolverine was just that. With all of the stress of modern life you need a chance to just unwind and take your mind off of the madness. This movie has all of the ingredients of a good action yarn. The fight choreography is great the cars are cool and the ladies are hot. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is beautiful Asian women who kick ass literally. Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima are not your traditional helpless damsels they both aid and protect the Wolverine throughout the movie, and prove that men can’t survive without the fairer sex.

Spoiler alert

Some parts of the movie leave me perplexed because there is a major switch in the personality of an important character. Yashida a man who is depicted in the opening sequence of the movie as a compassionate and humane person takes a 360 degree reversal. How does a man who is basically honorable turn into a reprehensible creature, who is willing to kill his own? Honor is a concept that the Japanese take seriously and young Yashida is obviously a man of honor.  As a young soldier Yashida attempted to save American POW/s from imminent destruction from a B-29 air raid by releasing them to flee  for their lives; although where they fled to is never indicated.

It turns out that the Wolverine is one of the unfortunate GI’s held captive; and the place is Nagasaki in 1945. If you know anything about history you know that the B-29 is there to drop the Atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The Wolverine being held in a deep dark hole, scales the walls and peers through a slit, he watches the drama unfold and at the last possible second escapes and saves Yashida, just as the massive bomb explodes. Skip ahead 70 plus years and scruffy looking bearded Wolverine is hiding out in the wilds of Alaska. After the obligatory barroom fight between Logan and some local knuckleheads, he is summoned to Japan by Yashida’s emissary, the perky and deadly Yukio. The supposed reason for this visit is to bid farewell to the dying now elderly Yashida.

I don’t want to give away too much of the movie’s plot so suffice it to say that all Heck breaks out and the movie is a fast paced ride to the big boss battle at the end. In between the two female leads fight to keep the old boy alive and succeed in doing so admirably. I thought that it was a lot more interesting than the cluttered X-Men mess. I would recommend this movie as good popcorn fare.

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