Walmart Celebrity list of Shame

I usually try to shy away from politics but this is entertainment related. I’m talking about the Walmart 2013 celebrity love fest, in the guise of a shareholders meeting. This despicable display of paid celebrity stroking had me saying “my God are these people clueless, or are they so wrapped up in their own celebrity bubble that they don’t give a expletive deleted. I expect this kind of insensitive behavior from Tom Cruise, but I was unpleasantly surprised about the other celebs that participated. Some of my favorite people, people who I never dreamed would ever support such a detestable heartless corporation were there to provide entertainment for the haves, while outside the have nots protested.

With the tragedy in Bangladesh still fresh in everyones mind and Walmarts refusal to sign an international accord to insure workers safety, the appearance of so many big stars on hand to amuse shareholders, is a shameful display of insensitivity. There’s an old adage that states, If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. These Clueless or Callous Celebrities degraded themselves by their thoughtless actions. I personally will boycott any movie or product that these tools of the Corporate Oligarchy will produce in the future.

I am writing this blog to express my extreme disappointment and sorrow that the following list of people participated in the horrible sham to promote positive spin for such a horrible cooperation.  linked below is disaster footage. So if you want to know the real cost of cheap Walmart clothing take a good look.

UPDATE: very suspiciously the footage of the building collapse in Bangladesh has been taken off of you tube because of Copyright infringement.  sounds fishy to me.

List of Shame

Tom Cruise

Hugh Jackman

Kelly Clarkson

John Legend

Jennifer Hudson

Celine Dion

P.S. if you can’t feel any sympathy for brown people dying think about how many Jobs these pricks are outsourcing, and how many communities they’ve wrecked. Walmart is a parasite and a blight on America. Vote with your dollars boycott Walmart and anyone who supports them.

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