The Hunger games sequel: I’m so excited

I must admit that I didn’t go to see the original Hunger games movie at my local theater, because I thought that it would be some more Teeny BS like Bella & Jakeward.  I tried to stomach the first Twilight movie and left after only fifteen minutes in search of a barf bag. I was thinking the Lost Boys,, one of my favorite cult movies of all time, but what I got was a teen version of True Blood with corny CGI effects. I hated everything about the fifteen minutes of it that wasted my time and money.

Fortunately I decided to give The Hunger games a chance on Direct TV and ended up liking it. What I got for my $4.99 was not just a good flick, but a very compelling story with interesting and layered characters and heart. The world building was intricate and multi-faceted, the costumes were garishly fabulous and the acting was above par for the ages of the main characters. I enjoyed this movie so much that I went out and bought the DVD.

I loved everything about this movie and have re-watched it multiple times. So when I heard about the sequel, I was excited right down to my movie lover’s core. I’ve had a chance to view the Trailer of the sequel, and it looks great. If it’s even half as good as the first one I will definitely plan on viewing it on the Big screen. From the looks of it, it might even be better than the first one, no mean feat for a sequel. Too bad that I have to wait until the release date of November 22, 2013

Check out the trailer on this BLOG.

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