What’s it all about Alfie

If you’re a movie fan or A fan of Dionne Warwick, you probably recognize the origin of that question. It’s a lyric from the theme song of Alfie, the movie that made Michael Caine a star. I thought that it was an appropriate lead in for my very first blog.

This blog will be dedicated to some of my favorite things; movies both old and new and literature. I am also a big fan of video games, graphic novels and Anime. Recently I have developed a fascination with all things steam punk. I find steam punk art both whimsical and dark; however I must confess that I have only read one steam punk novel; the DIfference engine by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.

Right now I am rediscovering the Sci Fi classics. I have just finished the third book of the John Carter Series, (Warlord of mars) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Still on my agenda to read are books by Isaac Asimov. jules vern, Phillip k. Dick and H.G. Wells.

The fact that I am sixty-three years old proves that nerdiness is not just for the young. I have been around since the dawn of video games starting with Pong and Asteroids and continuing to the present day. My first gaming console was the atari 8 bit system and my Sega Genesis is lovingly packed away in my closet. No longer with me are my play stations, which I consider crap each one had a life expectancy of exactly three years, before they crapped out on me; none of which were backward compatible. This was the main reason that I converted to the PC religion. In recent years the game developers have let me down by churning out massive amounts of first person shooters and no real war games, like Close combat or the total war series.

One of the last of the Total War franchise games, Total War Empire is available for down load on my Mac, but it is one of the few games available for the Mac. I really miss my PC. Mac is a virtual wasteland for gamers; everything is at least two years old before it is even available for Mac users. My other grievance against the Mac is that it has a very steep learning curve. It only took me a week to master my very first PC but I am still struggling with the Mac after an entire year. The apple support telephone number is stuck to my desk on a post it note. Believe me I have used it quite a bit and had to purchase a support plan which angered me. So my advice to any gamers out there is, don’t let any one talk you into buying a mac.

Now that I have told you about my guilty pleasures, here is my Shameless Plug. After three years of work I have finished my first Sci Fi novel (Titled G.E.B.O.) and published it through iBooks Author. It is now available in iTunes BOOKS. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/g.e.b.o./id591952561?ls=1
Book cover

Check it out; I believe they have a preview for it.

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